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If this happens to be your first time on this website, welcome! Here at AnnuityEdu, we are dedicated to helping you with a second opinion viewpoint on various annuities that could be presented to you.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you understand how your annuity works by educating you to see through sales pitches that are not always what they seem. With this education we hope to help you make a better informed decision so you can enjoy a more prosperous retirement.

What is an annuity?

To make it simple, it’s a promising form of insurance agreeing to a fixed series of payments to another party or company over a period of time. Additionally, an annuity offers guaranteed features such as principle protection and lifetime income.  

Types of annuities:

  • Immediate annuity:
    • A guarantee to receive income payments for life so long as initial funds are deposited to an insurance company.
  • Fixed annuity:
    • Similarly, a fixed annuity is commonly compared to CD Investments, a fixed annuity requires an initial deposit sum to be made, the interest rates are paid, income does not have to be taken and can be used for accumulation.
  • Fixed Indexed annuity :
    • An Indexed annuity is a combination of the protection principles of fixed annuities. However,  it allows participation in major stock indexes.
  • Variable annuity:
    • Works as a tax-deferred retirement plan, similarly to mutual funds, allowing you to invest into various sub-accounts.

Income Rider Myths

Additionally, an Income Rider is considered a benefit to deferred annuities, they are not always what they seem. As a matter of fact, this is due to ‘smoke and mirrors’ Income riders. Correspondingly, they typically don’t add as much as they sound like they add to your retirement income plan once the true rate of return is factored in to your analysis.

To summarize…

Overall, annuities can be harmful to your wealth if used incorrectly but can also be a secure part of a retirement plan if used correctly.

However, what drives us is that too often we’ve seen retiree’s being sold annuities that they don’t truly understand but are convinced to buy based on a false understanding. Often, the annuities aren’t appropriate for their needs because they haven’t done a financial plan before determining what type of annuity they need.


Ultimately, the biggest mistakes we often see with retirees and annuities are:

Buy Annuity & hope it fits ⇒ Realize Annuity is not what you thought ⇒ Retire with Regret

When the correct order of purchasing an annuity should be:

Plan Analyze Retirement with Piece of mind.

                            Put your annuity to the test!

Testing annuities is something we do for free here at annuityedu.com. The only way to know if this annuity is a good fit for you is to have it tested. We’ll use our proprietary calculator to illustrate for you how this annuity will likely perform in your specific situation.

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Given these points, for more detailed information please feel free to download our Pre-Retiree Annuity Guide located on the left. Furthermore, if you need help understanding more about how your annuity really works so you can make the best decision for your retirement, not your agents, contact us!

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